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At Muladhara Foundation we have platform for all performing arts but our heart lies in theatre and Gandharv Dramatics is our theatre wing at muladhara foundation,  we have performed 100+ theatrical presentations across the nation with the budgets ranging from 0 to over 25 lakhs, our aim is to keep growing the art of theatrics in the country and to keep scaling bigger and better with every performance, and our core value to push new performers always remain where we take it as an oath to have at least 25 to 50 % first time performing cast every time we step on the stage. 

"People say theatre is dying in the country and people are not interested in theatrics as they have got a easy access to films, well what i believe its unfair to play a blame game until you show some thing more than usual why would people be interested ? its our duty as theatre practitioners to improve with the generations and show things which they have not seen and present it in a all new way, at the end with every performance Its like a new challenge and a new leap"

- S Venkat N Murthy

(Director, Muladhara Foundation)


Performances  by

Natak Factory, Gandharva 



Theatre Enthusiasts participated, Actors, Production Crew and more


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With over the years of performing, here are our top productions which are integral part of our memory and have uplifted us as an organization.

We believe in constant push to new talent on stage, if you have the zeal for dramatics, you are the one we are looking for

Currently We Are Operating Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chandigarh 

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